How to feed a family of 6 Three Meals from one medium Pork Shoulder Picnic Roast.

Got a good deal on Pork Shoulder Picnic $4.41 kg or $2.00lb.  Im going to show you how to feed a family of 6 three meals using this pork shoulder!
On day 1:

Pork Shoulder Picnic
1 pork shoulder picnic about 1.5- 2kg it has hock removed but still has a bone in
Place roast into a heavy cast iron roast pan
Preheat oven to 350
Place roast covered into hot oven and roast for 1 hour.
Reduce heat to 325F and add 1 cup water
Roast for 20-30 minutes a pound – this roast will take about 90 minutes.

Remove roast and place roaster on stove element.

see the darker spots in the grease?  Great for the gravy!

For the Gravy: Mix 2 tbsp flour (rice or regular flour), two teaspoons onion powder and two cups water together.  Pour into roaster and stir into roast drippings.  Simmer for two or three minutes while stirring until thickened.  Season with salt and pepper.
Slice off 6  pieces of meat 80 grams – 100 grams and serve to your family with a vegetable, potatoes and the gravy. 
Pick the meat off the bones and dice placing in a 2-3 cup container and store in fridge.

Day 2
Make Bahmi 

Day 3
Make Nasi Goreng and serve with Kroepoek and salad or sliced cucumber.

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