Mason Jar Carrier

My new hobby is canning – in the last year I have probably canned at least 500 jars of food. Once canned they are stored in my cold storage room in the basement. I was always using a bin to haul the jars downstairs but found that rather clumsy. This past week my husband made me a couple of nice mason jar carriers that work wonderfully! After posting a picture on one of my facebook group a lot of interest was shown and we received many requests to purchase a set.

Rob is a recently retired wood craftsman but enjoys taking on projects especially during the winter months. He is willing to make a bunch of them this winter depending on the interest. If you would like to order a set please send us an email giving us your name, address, email address and phone number. I will make up a PayPal invoice and email it to you for payment.

Email your information and what you are ordering to:

Pricing in USD.

6 pack quart carrier – $25.00
Shipping $30.00

6 pack pint carrier – $25.00
Shipping $30.00

Set: 6 pack quart carrier and 6 pack pint carrier – $50.00
Shipping $30.00

*Pint Jar carrier fits inside of Quart Carrier for storage.

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