Gluten Free Cinnamon Buns

This evening after supper I made gluten free cinnamon buns – they are by far the best ones I have tasted. I use to make wheat cinnamon buns on a regular basis for breakfast, school lunches and after school snacks. I love the smell the the yeast dough combined with the cinnamon as they bake in the oven. I started with a basic recipe that I liked the look of and tweaked it as I went along. I’m kind of weird in that I always make changes to a recipe as I go along – even if its the first time I am making it. This has caused problems in that when I make something that is really good I often have not written down the changes and cannot replicate the recipe! After I tasted two (!) of these buns I figured I liked them so much I had better write down what I remembered of the recipe. I know it was a stiff enough dough to knead and to roll out. The family all gave the new recipe a “thumbs up!” 

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